JANUARY 15-16, 2022

Cattle located close to Gulfport, Mississippi | Auction End Time: 7:00 PM CENTRAL TIME OR 19:00 CENTRAL


Dear Brahman friends and family:
We are so excited to invite you to the “Heart of the South” Online Brahman Replacement Female Sale Vol. 3!! As a breeder, I can NOT express the excitement that is going on around here due to the QUALITY OF FEMALES that will be offered. In this sale, there is something for everyone!! Offering show prospects, replacement heifers, bulls, genetic opportunities from some of our leading donors, and some FANCY F-1 females that you will not want to miss out on!

As the sales manager, I would like to give a HUGE thanks to all of our friends and great partners that have shown interest in this sale. We could not do this without you!! I am extremely excited about this year’s offering as we have selected some of the best cattle that will complete your herd! The bidding process is entirely anonymous, so bid with confidence!!

I would like you to join us on January 15-16, 2022, to watch the sale and bid online through Best Cattle Sales. If you have any questions about the cattle or want to know more, please reach out and let us know!!
Asa Lee
Sale’s Manager

The sale starts to close at 6:55 PM on October 3 as it takes 5 minutes of no bidding on ANY lot for the sale to close. If there is no bidding between 6:55 PM and 7 PM on October 3 the sale will close. If there is a bid on ANY lot the sale remains open UNTIL all bidding activity ends. Every time there is a bid the clock resets to 5 minutes and time is added to closing time. It is suggested to all bidders to watch your lots until the sale is completely closed.

Example 1: Auction is set to close at 7:00 PM. There is no bidding from 6:55 PM to 7:00 PM. All lots are declared closed and the sale ends at 7:00 PM.
Example 2: Auction is set to close at 7:00 PM. There is a bid placed at 6:56 PM and countdown clock resets to 5 minutes. Auction is extended. No more bidding occurs. All lots are declared closed and the sale ends at 7:01 PM.
Example 3:
Auction is set to close at 7:00 PM. There is a bid placed at 6:57 PM and countdown clock resets to 5 minutes. Auction is extended until 7:02 PM. Another bid is placed at 7:00 PM. Another bid is placed at 7:04 PM. Another bid is placed at 7:08 PM and countdown clock resets. Auction is extended. No more bids are placed. All lots are declared closed.

For additional information on the sale close process, please visit our bidder FAQ page.


TERMS: All cattle will be paid for immediately after the sale. Checks must be made payable to Lee’s Cattle Company.

HANDING: As their sale is effected, all animals will be maintained at the purchaser’s risk.

BREEDING Guarantee: Every animal in the sale is, to the best of the breeder’s knowledge, free from any disease and are all sound. Open or exposed females will be guaranteed by the seller to be a breeder for a maximum of one year following the sale date or for young heifers until they reach two years of age. If an animal fails to breed during the previously established limit, it may be returned to the seller in good condition. Seller reserves the right to try said animal for six months and if it proves to be a breeder, return it at the buyer’s expense. If the animal proves to be a nonbreeder, an animal of comparable rank or credit on the purchase of another animal will be offered.

HEALTH: All necessary health papers will be furnished for the cattle to be shipped anywhere.

CONTRACT: The above terms and guarantee shall constitute a contract between the buyer and the seller of each animal sold.

BIDDING: This auction will be broadcasted online at bestcattlesales.com. Any persons wishing to bid online must sign up prior to the online auction. Please forward internet bidding questions to info@brahmanjournal.com.

TRANSPORTATION: Buyers are responsible for transporting their purchases, if transportation is needed, Vel Oaks Farm can make those arrangements for you.

Contact Jarrad Lee at (228)-547-6159.

Cattle will need to be picked up from the seller within one week of the sale date. If cattle are not picked up by January 23, 2022, $10/day yardage fee will be charged to buyer.



Asa Lee
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Phone: (601)916-6138