OCTOBER 2, 2023 | J&L Cattle Services Online Fall Sale

Location of Ranches: Deere Park Rayne, Louisiana | Auction End Time: 7:00 PM CENTRAL TIME OR 19:00 CENTRAL

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(Credit only applies to purchase of live cattle lots)


**If you have any questions or problems signing up and registering please contact us at contact@bestcattlesales.com or call The Brahman Journal office at 979-826-4347. After hours call or text Victoria Lambert at 713-806-3998.

This Sale will feature the Best Cattle Sales “All Bids In – All Lots Sold” or a modified “Horse Race” style closing format.

The sale starts to close at 6:55 PM on closing day as it takes 5 minutes of no bidding on ANY lot for the sale to close. If there is no bidding between 6:55 PM and 7 PM on closing day the sale will close. If there is a bid on ANY lot the sale remains open UNTIL all bidding activity ends. Every time there is a bid the clock resets and another 5 minutes is added to closing time. It is suggested to all bidders to watch your lots until the sale is completely closed.

Example 1: Auction closes at 7:00 PM. There is no bidding from 6:55 PM to 7:00 PM. All lots are declared closed and the sale ends at 7:00 PM.

Example 2: Auction closes at 7:00 PM. There is a bid placed at 6:56 PM and countdown clock resets to 5 minutes. Auction is extended. No more bidding occurs. All lots are declared closed and the sale ends at 7:01 PM.

Example 3: Auction closes at 7:00 PM. There is a bid placed at 6:57 PM and countdown clock resets to 5 minutes. Auction is extended until 7:02 PM. Another bid is placed at 7:00 PM. Another bid is placed at 7:04 PM. Another bid is placed at 7:08 PM and countdown clock resets to 5 minutes. Auction is extended. No more bids are placed. All lots are declared closed.

For additional information on the sale close process, please visit our bidder FAQ page.


PAYMENT: Terms of the sale are cash, cashier’s check or bank wire due upon receipt and before animals leave the ranch. Upon receipt of payment, the seller will transfer the registration paper if applicable to the buyer as soon as possible. If full payment is not received within thirty (30) days, then upon written or electronic notice to buyer, the breeder shall retain ownership of animal with full property rights, including the ability to sell the animal to another buyer. Animals not paid within 30 days of the sale forfeit any future guarantees.

International Bidders: There are no guarantees on internationally-exported cattle once they leave the care of J&L Cattle Services.
If an animal is purchased by an international buyer, the buyer is responsible to cover cost to transport the animal to and from quarantine facilities.

FEEDING TERMS: Cattle will be provided free care until 10/15/23, after which feed is billed at $20/head/day. These charges are not designed for the seller to make money, just to cover the costs. Any veterinary expense will be the owner’s obligation. All accounts will be billed monthly. Feed charges must be paid in full when the cattle are picked up.

LIABILITY: Ownership of the animal transfers at the time of sale and the buyer bears the risk of injury, disease, or death, which may occur.

HEALTH: Animals have been provided the utmost care, nutrition, and vaccinations under the guidance of the seller’s veterinarian. Animals are assumed sound and healthy at sale time.

No Warranties. We provide our service “as is” and without any warranty or condition, express or implied.
In the event of a problem, the buyer is responsible to return the animal to J&L Cattle Services. No cash refund will be given. Buyer will be issued a credit or replacement animal.
If the animal’s problem was caused from natural disaster, nutrition, maintenance, misconduct, or virgin heifers flushed or IVF’s prior to natural calf then J&L Cattle Services has the right to refuse a credit or replacement animal to the buyer.

American Simmental Association’s (Sale Terms & Conditions) will take precedence on Sim-Genetic lots. Click here to view ASA terms and conditions


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Lanna Hensgens