August 25 - 28, 2023 || 2023 SOUTHERN INVITATIONAL SALE

Location: Southern Alabama Stockyard – 268 County Road 552 Troy, Alabama
Sale starts at 11 AM with F1 follow by the Registered Cattle at 1 PM!!

Welcome to the Southern Invitational Registered Brahman & F1’s Sale,
On behalf of the Southern Invitational sale management team, we would like to thank the consignors for making this event special. This is the third annual
Southern Invitational Sale and what a sale offering we have for you this year! From the lots we will be selling in the auction house on August 26th, to the genetic
sale that will close on Monday, August 28 at 7:00 pm. I feel there is something for everyone in these events. This should be one of the most exciting events to be held in the southeast as we have collected genetics from all over the country! Please be sure to check out both the LIVE sale, as well as the genetic offering, on to get your bids in! Proxy bidding will be available on the LIVE lots before the sale LIVE bidding starts on August 26th.
To bid on the live cattle you can bid online or call one of the numbers in the catalog for phone bid.
Thank you again to the consignors, buyers, bidders, and spectators for making this event happen.

Philip Gilstrap, Matt Pounds, and Kenny Woodham

Proxy Bidding on Best Cattle Sales

Each animal will be sold to the highest bidder. Proxy bids will be accepted for all LIVE lots BEFORE the sale the sale order is determined on August 25th. After the sale order is set bids can still be made on all lots, but not proxy bids. If there is a proxy bid on a lot during the sale we will consider the online proxy bid to be the winning bid over any tie bids taken in the auction house as that bid would have been submitted BEFORE the bid was taken in the house. Ex. of a tie bid; Lot XX has a current bid of $4500 online and has a proxy bid of $5000 that is anonymous online. When the auctioneer asks and gets a bid for $5000 from a live bidder at the stockyards, the online system will show the proxy bid of $5000 as a winning bid. If the bidder in the stockyard bids again they will be the winning bidder. This only applies to tie bids.

For additional information on the sale close process, please visit our bidder FAQ page.


Terms of the sale are cash or check to the Clerk at the conclusion of the sale.

Payment for the online auction send check, cash or wire transfer to P&G Auctions / Phillip Gilstrap, 2530 Six and Twenty Road, Pendleton, South Carolina, 29670, United States. If you have any questions about payment please call Philip Gilstrap at 864-506-0463 to make payment arrangements for the SOUTHERN INVITATIONAL FROZEN GENETICS SALE

Bidding: Each animal will be sold to the highest bidder. The auctioneer will settle any dispute as to the bid. Each animal will be at the purchaser’s risk as soon as sold, but will not be delivered until settlement has been made.

Breeding Guarantee: Every animal in this sale is, to the best of the breeder’s knowledge, free from any disease and are all sound. If an animal fails to breed after a trail of six months, it may be returned to the seller in good condition. Seller reserves the right to try said animal for a trial of six months and if it proves to be a breeder, return it at the buyer’s expense. If the animal proves to be a non breeder, an animal of comparable rank or credit on the purchase of another animal will be offered. Cows with calves at side are considered breeders with no further guarantee.

Certificate: A certificate of registration will be furnished on sale day.

Announcements: Announcements from the auction box will take precedence over the printed information in this catalog. All cattle will be sold by lot numbers as announced by the auctioneer.

Health: All animals sell with an interstate health certificate.

Liability: All persons who attend the sale do so at their own risk and owners and sale managers assume no liability, legal or otherwise, for any accidents that may occur.

Rights and Obligations: The terms and conditions of this sale shall constitute a contract between buyers and sellers of each animal and shall be equally binding upon both. Neither the owner, the sale manager, nor any person connected with the management of the sale assume liability, legal or otherwise.


Trucking: There will be people available to haul.


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