Do You Have An Auction We Can Help You With?

We now offer a new service that will notify you by text message when you are out bid in an auction on Best Cattle Sales. If you are currently a registered user on Best Cattle Sales simply go to the website and follow the steps below to make sure your phone number and your phone carrier information are correct.

Click here and click Sign In


1. Sign in with your username and password.


If you don’t have an account, register and be ready to bid in our upcoming sale, click here to register or check the steps on how to register by clicking here

2. Click on My Account and on Personal Information


3. Check at Carrier Options and your Mobile Phone. If it looks like the image below:
Carrier: N/A | Mobile Phone: (555) 555-5555; follow step 4.


If your phone information looks like the image on step 5, make sure your information is correct and go to step 5.

4. Choose your mobile phone carrier and remove the spaces, slashes and brackets between your mobile number.
Example: Carrier: AT&T | Mobile Phone: 5555555555


5. Scroll down and click on Proceed.


Now you are ready to bid and the next time you are outbid on a sale lot you should receive a notification on your phone to alert you that you have been outbid.

*If you have any questions contact us at the office at one of these phone numbers 979-826-4347, 979-826-3422, 979-826-8888 or email us at

PLEASE NOTE: We do not guarantee you will receive the text message as some phone carriers could block the messages. Please always check your email or the website close to sale closing time and make sure you are still the higher bidder on the lots you are bidding on.

**Currently T Mobile customers will not receive Text Alerts due to the TMobile Spam Filters. We are working with T Mobile to resolve the problem.